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Pretty Feet 3

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 Pretty Feet Chapter 3

Jasmine Black was in Las Vegas with her new friend Cynthia White, headed for a commercial photography session. The photographer and her assistant were chloroformed from behind by Crystal Maze, and left bound and gagged. Jasmine was chloroformed from behind by Crystal when she arrived at the photographer's house, and was tied and gagged. Cynthia became aware of what was happening and grabbed Crystal from behind, tied her up, gagged her, and the police were called.

Jasmine put the telephone down after giving Cynthia a long look. Jasmine breathed a heavy sigh and says, "that was the photographer's assistant, she was calling to let me know that the local authorities have released Crystal without any charges, or even an arrest record. Cynthia crossed her arms, "Annette Brown must have really good connections to have pulled that one off for her".

They were both standing in Jasmine's hotel room thinking about the situation concerning Annette and Crystal. They had planned going out this evening. They were both wearing black satin bras with the clasp in the front, skimpy black satin panties, extremely sheer black stockings that hugged the tops of their thighs. They both had on cocktail shoes. They were black, thin soles, with thin, metalic four inch heels. There were two thin, black straps across the toes that crossed making an "x". There were two thin, black straps coming from the sides of the high heel sandals, from just forward of the middle of the foot. These crossed the front of the foot in an "x", then went behind the heel of the foot with a small strap on each side of the shoe holding the straps down below the ankle. The tips of the high heel sandal spikes were hard and made a loud click when they walked in them.

Crystal was Vietnamese and it showed in her long, straight, black hair that went down to her waist. Annette was with her in her office at the show palace. The same office she had escaped from when she heard Jasmine and Cynthia in the hall gagging the mouths of the two showgirls. They were found ten minutes later in the dressing room where they had been tied up. They described Jasmine and Cynthia perfectly when the ropes were untied and the gags were removed from between their teeth. Annette was getting anxious and Crystal's resolve was that she was definitely going to get paid. Crystal relaxed, "I bet that Cynthia will come around here again soon, maybe tonight." "Go out to the van and get plenty of ropes and tape to bind and silence her with." Annette waited while Crystal went to get the materials to do the abduction. She was thinking out a plan to lure Jasmine into a trap.

Jasmine and Cynthia were still getting ready to leave the hotel room. The were both putting on make up. They already had on bright red lipstick. They were applying a blush that had silvery, glittery flakes, on their cheeks. They had both used eye shadow that had the palest green tint, it was almost unnoticable. "I am going to go now, I am curious about Annette's office, I am going to stop by there, just to see if there is something that was missed." Cynthia reached over into the closet and pulled out a black dress with small sequins along the low cut bust line. It had thin, spaghetti straps, and was short, coming to just above her middle thigh. She was all dressed in black. "You look almost gothic, but very nice," Jasmine said as she reached into the closet. She put on a tight, white halter top, that barely covered her breasts. She then put on a skirt that was about the same length as Cynthia's, it was dark but not quite black, it looked like a very dark gray. "Well you are looking good as well." Jasmine put on some small, crystal clear earrings that dangled just a little. She then put on a necklass of small pearls, it almost looked like a choker around her neck. "I am going to make some more calls and I will see you later." Jasmine spoke while she was sitting down to the desk. Cynthia left out the door. Jasmine left shortly afterwards.

The two showgirls had been given a day off with a free stay in the hotel because of their bondage experience at the show palace. They were returning from the pool. They were both wearing red, two piece bikinis with their toenails painted red. They had just entered their room when they heard a familiar voice before they closed the door. They looked at each other as they both recognized the voice of one the girls that had gagged them and tied them up. They waited in the doorway as they listened to the approaching offender.

Jasmine was just passing an open door when an arm reached out and grabbed her. She was yanked into the room and each of her arms was being held by a familiar face on each side of her. "You remember roping us to those poles and gagging our mouths?" She was being pulled toward the bed. She noticed the two pairs of tan stockings laying on the side of the bed. "Have a seat." She was pushed down into a sitting position on the side of the bed. "Now we are going to tie you up sweetie." One pulled her hands in front with the palms together and tied them with a nylon stocking. Her feet were being tied just above the ankle with a stocking also, with the knot cinched in front. They pulled her onto the bed so that she was at a diagonal. The next stocking went between her wrists and was knotted, the other end tied to the headboard post. Her feet were tied the same way to the foot of the bed, at the opposite post. The one that was familiar with being tied up took off her bikini bottom. She twisted it in a certain way, for a reason. She felt the panties being tied between her teeth. She noticed that the part that had been in her crotch was now against her tongue, and she could taste it. "Mmmpph!" Her protest was ignored. "I am going to get dressed now that half my bikini is gone." "I will go downstairs and get something to eat now," the other said. Jasmine was now alone in the room, bound and gagged.

Annette and Crystal were just waiting. They had finished eating some of the show palace's food. They ate caesar salads, jumbo shrimp cocktails, king crab legs and lobster tails. They were filled to the top with seafood and salad. They had worked out their plan if Cynthia were to come down to the office. Crystal was first to hear the click of the heels in the hallway.

All the men that Cynthia passed in the casino area commented on how gorgeous her legs and feet were in her black outfit and high heel sandals. The good looks did nothing for the noise the clicking of the spike heels made while walking on the marble floor in the hallway leading to the office. She did not expect anyone to be there, even though Annette had not been captured and her accomplice had been released. She came to the door and opened it.

They were hiding behind the door when it opened. They both waited on either side of the entrance to the room for their target to come into their trap. They waited until their prey was a few feet into the room before they moved simultaneously. Annette grabbed her right wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. Crystal clamped her hand over her mouth.

"Mmmmmph, nnnnn!" Cynthia had been completely surprised and moaned under the hand gagging her mouth. Her shoulder was hurting the way her arm had been pulled behind her back. No amount of black belt studies in Tae Kwon Do were going to help her now. "Mmmm, ummm, nnn!" She was trying to tell them not to hurt her, even though she was not sure who her captors were. "So, you turned against me after you took the money for the job." Annette twisted her wrist a little harder as she made the statement. "Now shut her up!" She motioned Crystal to get the tape. It was the medical tape that was almost see through, but it was three inches wide to cover the lips. She heard the tape being peeled off by Crystal's free hand. "Nnnnn, nnnt gnnn mmmm!" She was pleading not to be gagged from under the hand over her mouth. In one very quick move, the hand came away and was immediately replaced by the tape, from ear to ear. "Mmmmpph," she felt the sticky tape on her face, sealing her lips.

She was moaning a lot, but struggling very little because of the leverage being used on her arm. She was now looking over her left shoulder as Crystal moved in behind her. Annette moved in front of her and pushed both of her hands behind her back with her wrists crossed. "Hold still honey," Annette said. She was still looking over her shoulder when she felt the rope being wrapped around her wrists, first horizontally, then vertically, with the knot being tied behind her wrists. Her fingers could obviously reach the knot, but she did not move hoping her captors would not see this. A second knot was tied over the first, the rope was really tight, almost cutting off her circulation. Her fingers would go numb if she stayed tied up like this for very long. "Make sure she does not go anywhere," Annette said as she grabbed her by the upper arms. She moaned loudly as her nostrils flared with the pain shooting up her right shoulder. She was told to put her feet together. The second rope was being looped around her just below her knees, the knot was tied behind her legs. The last rope was tied just above her ankles the same way. She was then made to lay on the floor on her side. Thank goodness it was her left side she thought to herself. "Mmmpph," she gave one more defiant moan toward her captors.

Jasmine was alone, having been tied up by the revenge seeking showgirls, with one of their panties tied in her mouth. The gag was tight between her teeth and she was tasting the crotch of the girl's panties against her tongue. She was moaning because of the unpleasantness. She had toured with the magician Vivica, and she knew how to escape using the flexibility of her limbs. Her hands were pulled free almost immediately. She sat up, reached down and untied her feet. Next she untied the knot at the top of the back of her neck to get the horrible gag from her mouth. She would have to deal with the showgirl in the bathroom. She took the white cotton sheet from the bed and tore it into strips. The showgirl could not hear this over the sound of the shower. The last strip was wider then the rest and she tore its length in half. She took one of the wide strips and folded it twice along its length, then rolled it up into the second wide strip. The gag was ready just as the sound of the shower stopped.

She had finished drying off with the towel. She could not hear any moans from her bound and gagged captive in the next room, but she did not think anything of this. She put on her red bra and panties, along with a red garter belt. She put on her red stockings and decided to go into the other room to watch her captive struggling with her panties tied in her mouth.

"Unnng!" She felt something being pulled into her mouth from behind as she entered the room. She reached her hands behind her head and felt the arms while her head was being pushed down and the cloth was being pulled much tighter between her teeth. She noticed the bed was void of her former captive as she felt the knot being tied behind her hair at the top of her neck. "Mmmpph," was the only sound she could make as the cloth held her tongue down snuggly in her mouth. She could feel something in the center of the cloth tied in her mouth that made it unbearably thick. "Nnnn." She was trying to say something to her captor, but nothing intelligible could escape from behind the thick gag. She tried to grab the arms tying the second knot securing the cloth even tighter into her mouth.

Her hands were being pulled down behind her back as she was pushed forward and forced to kneel in front of the bed. Her captor knelt down to one knee behind her and forced her torso face first onto the bed. She turned her face to the side and saw several strips of white cloth on the bed next her. "I am not going to hurt you, I am just going to bind you." She heard the female voice and saw a familiar hand grab one of the strips. The cloth was being wrapped around her wrists that were in a crossed position, first vertically, then horizontally. The knot was tied at the top of her wrists were her fingers could not reach it. The next strip was tied around her waist and hands, the final turns looped under her wrists, knotted in the same place. She felt her legs being tied just above the knees with the last couple of turns tied between her legs with the knot behind her legs. "Cross your ankles for me baby girl." She did as she was told and felt the cloth rope being tied just above her ankles several times. More turns were tied between her ankles before the knot was secured in front of her feet. "Cooperate and this will be over with quickly." She felt her ankles being pulled up toward her hands. "Mmmpph." The final cloth rope was being tied around her hands the same as her wrists with the knot in the same place. The other end was tied around her ankle bindings with the final knot next to the other.

Jasmine pushed her body onto the middle of the bed. "Sorry to leave you here in your underwear, all tied up and gagged again, but there is something I must do." She felt sorry for the girl while she listened to the sound of the stockings rubbing against each other. This reminded her of when she was secured in restrictive bonds with stockings on, struggling to get loose. Jasmine left for the show palace.

Cynthia was quietly struggling against the ropes binding her. She could hear the squeak of her new high heel sandals as they rubbed against each other due to her writhing on the floor. The sound of her stockings rubbing together could also be heard. She was moaning softly and breathing under the tape sealing her lips. Bound and gagged, at the mercy of her captors. "Mmmmmpph!" She felt the pain as Crystal put weight on her right arm as she was kneeling down next to her. "I have question for you, so do not get out of line when I remove your gag." She let out a loud sigh as the gag was peeled off of her lips. "MMmmoooh, thank you." "Tell us how to contact your partner." Cynthia gave Crystal the telephone number. "Thanks sugar pie." She moaned and struggled a little as the gag was smoothed out over her lips again. All tied up with her mouth gagged, still laying on her side on the floor.

Now that Crystal left her side, she could work on escaping her predicament. The knot cinching the ropes tying her hands behind her back was right where she wanted it. Her fingers were working the knot. The knot was where she could reach it, but the bonds around her limbs were very tight, and so were the knots. This is why she had to keep struggling, to keep her circulation going under the tight rope ties. Her feet were moving back and forth like a slow, sensuous, paddling motion. At the same time, her legs were moving parallel against each other fighting against the tight ropes tied at her knees and ankles. These motions against her tied up situation produced the squeaking of her spiked high heel sandals and the swish of her stockings. The tape covering her face was almost see through, but it was sticky. The bright red color of her lipstick could be seen through the gag, also, the outline of her lucious lips were visible under the tape sealing them shut. The gag was moving because she was working her lips trying to get it off. She was trying to get enough room between her lips to push at the tape with her wet tongue. Fortunately, neither one of her captors was paying attention to her, so she was making good progress releasing herself from the cruel ropes.

The showgirl knew what it meant to have her hands and feet tied behind her back. This position was called, by her friend that use to tie her up, a hogtie. She had never been able to escape such a tight tie up before. "Mmmm." She kept moaning because of the tightness of the gag in her mouth. She had never had this kind of cloth tied between her teeth before. It was already thick, but there was something in the middle of it, the part wedged into her mouth was pressing against her tongue very effectively. No matter what she tried, she just made moaning sounds, nothing like recognizable words. Her jaws were moving against the cloth because of the discomfort of her mouth being forced open by the gag. Her lips were moving involuntarily as if she were trying to bite the tight thickness, also a result of the uncomfortable feeling of having her mouth forcibly filled, silencing her very well.

She was laying on her side, looking over her shoulder at the torn strips of white cotton sheet that had her hands and feet secured behind her back. The knots were tight and double tied. She pulled her feet away from her hands as hard as she could, but it was no good. The cloth ropes held her tight in her bound position.

Jasmine knew her friend was already at the show palace and was probably waiting for her to show up. She was walking fast out of the hotel and the click of her high heel sandals was loud. A lot of people were turning their heads to see her striding past them. She was so elegant and beautiful. The black stockings and the four inch heels accentuated her gorgeous stature.

Cynthia was still working on the tape over her mouth. The gap between her lips was getting bigger, almost enough for her tongue to touch the gag. She was still struggling against the tight ropes. The sound of her stockings rubbing as her legs and feet were moving against the restrictive ties was constant. The squeak of her high heel sandals was also continuous as she wiggled to escape the ankle ropes that were almost cutting off her circulation. Her calves were getting tired because of the ropes above and below them that were quite snug. Annette had left the room to take care of some business and she knew from listening to their conversation that Crystal would be leaving for the bathroom periodically because of the huge meal they had eaten. Her fingers were getting the knot of her wrist ties loose. They thought she was completely helpless after they roped her up and gagged her mouth, but she was slowly working her way out of this tied up situation.

"I have to go to the little girls room, do not get yourself into trouble before I get back." "Mmmpph," she moaned at her as she walked out the door and locked it behind her. She quickly finished untying the knot of her wrist rope, then pulled her hands free of their binding. She reached down and immediately untied the ropes around her legs and feet. Lastly, she slowly peels the tape gag from her lips, "nnnn, ah, that feels better," she says out loud after a moan and a sigh. She looks and grunts when she realizes that half her lipstick is stuck on the tape that had been sealing her lips shut. "I hate mouth gags!"


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