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Pretty Feet 4

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 Pretty Feet Chapter 4

Crystal Maze was released by police with Annette Brown's help, then they tie up and gag Cynthia White. Jasmine Black is grabbed, then tied and gagged by revenge seeking showgirls that she and Cynthia had tied up earlier. Jasmine escapes, then leaves one showgirl bound and gagged. Cynthia unties herself.

Cynthia had beautiful skin. It was unblemished and very smooth. It was silky to the touch and made holding her a very sensual experience. The drawback to her skin is that the rope burns from being tied up so tight required her attention. She was rubbing her wrists and ankles while she was thinking of her next move. Cynthia was still recovering from the rope ties but she was defintely looking good. She was wearing a black satin bra and black satin panties with thigh high sheer black stockings. She had on very sexy footwear, black with thin soles and thin, metalic four inch heels. The sandals had 2 thin black straps across her delicate toes and the ankle straps crossed in the front for a sensual looking pair of high heel sandals. Her black dress was tight and had some small sequins along the low cut bust line. The dress was short exposing her wonderful thighs. She had on pale green eye shadow and silver flake blush on her cheeks with bright red lipstick. She was swedish and had long, straight, naturally platinum blond hair to show for her heritage. Her almost white hair and white skin looked good against the black of her dress and stockings. Her looks and the click of the silver spikes of her high heel sandals caught the attention of everyone when she walked by. She had a little bit of rope burns to add to this, but the marks were slowly going away as she was rubbing her wrists and ankles. Her mind was racing to plan for her captor's return.

Jasmine was back in her room sitting on the bed in her black bra and panties, thinking about what she would do next. She had left the showgirl in another hotel room, bound and gagged, but heard her friend returning when she was walking down the hall towards her own room. Jasmine felt better knowing that the showgirl was going to be untied so soon. She knew how uncomfortable it felt to be tied up and helpless, with her mouth gagged so that she can only make moaning sounds instead of words. The girl would experience the hogtie position for only a few minutes, not long enough to cause her a lot of discomfort. She would not have rope burns because she was tied with torn sheet strips. Jasmine had made her predicament inescapable because the knots were tight with her hands and feet in the cloth bindings cinched behind her back. She also knew the feeling of being released from a bondage situation. The best feeling is having wriggled out of the binds, but it is still good even if someone else is untying the bonds.

Crystal had long black hair because she was vietnamese. She had on a tight, strapless blue dress that was so short it was only four inches from her crotch. She had on no stockings to show off her extravagant legs. Her high heel sandals were metalic blue. They had three skinny straps across her toes with a tiny bow in the middle. Her toes were painted the same blue color as her footwear with some silver glitter. The nails on her hand were the same as her feet. There was only one more strap across the top of her foot near the ankle, with three inch spike heels. Crystal was wearing light blue eye shadow to go with her wear, but had on a light colored red lipstick. Everyone let her know she was gorgeous as her heels clicked striding through the halls of the show palace. She was approaching the door to the office where she had left Cynthia, bound hand and foot with tight rope ties, her mouth gagged with tape. She opened the door and walked in.

Crystal suddenly felt a hand over her mouth and an arm around her waist. "Mmmpph!" She had been grabbed from behind and was moaning from under the hand gagging her mouth. "Pleeff dunff hurr mmme," she was trying to plead not to be harmed, but her mouth was being silenced and no intelligible words came out. "Mmm nnn," she felt herself being forced to walk towards the chair in the corner. "You left me tied up awful tight dear, I am going to have to rope you to this chair to return the favor," Cynthia then forced her to sit in the chair. "Mmmpph." It was a small office chair with no arms and no wheels, so it would not roll around. It had one base leg with four legs extending across the floor for stability. There was a gap between the bottom of the chair and the back with a thick piece of metal attaching the two together.

"Mmmuhh," Cynthia had taken her hand from Crystal's mouth. "You do not have to tie me up." Cynthia pulled her hands behind the chair and crossed her wrists. "I am going to tie your hands so tight your fingers will never be able to loosen the knots." She picked up one of the ropes she had placed on the floor next to the chair before Crystal had come back into the room. "I am sorry I tied your hands and feet so tight." She began wrapping the rope around her wrists horizontally three turns and tied a very tight knot behind her hands. "Ouch!" She continued by tying the rope vertically about her wrists three turns and then cinched the knot twice and extremely tight above her wrists. Crystal would not be able to reach the knots with her fingers because the first knot was tied under the rope making the second knot which was out of reach. "You are tying me too tight!" She picked up the next length of rope. "It is going to get a lot tighter honey." She wrapped the rope around her wrists and the metal bar twice to anchor her hands in place. She tied the knot behind the bar, since this was between her bound hands and her body, she would never be able to reach it. "Uhh," Crystal was already struggling against the ropes. "There is no use trying to get loose." The next rope was looped around her waist and wrists twice with the knot being double cinched in front of her waist. "I am going to tie you up nice and tight." She struggled against her bonds some more, "oh no." She moved from behind the chair to the side and picked up another rope. This was wrapped around her bare thighs just above her knees several times. The last two turns were between her legs making it tight, with the knot on top. "You are not going to get away this time!" She grabbed her legs and positioned them in front of one of the chair legs on the floor, crossing her ankles and putting them close together. The next piece of rope went just above the ankles several times with the last two turns between the ankles. The knot is double cinched on the side. "You are not going to get away with this," she said as she fought against the ropes securing her to the chair. The last rope was tied around the ankles ropes with the knot in the same place, the other end was tied to the chair leg, anchoring her legs and feet.

Cynthia stood up and stepped back to look at her work. Crystal was struggling in her bonds, her heels were clicking on the floor from her feet wiggling in the ropes. She picked up the role of tape from the floor, "now that I have you all tied up..." She began peeling off a strip of tape. "Please do not gag me." She ripped the piece of tape off. "How else am I going to keep that mouth of yours shut?" The tape was wide but almost see through. She put her hand under her chin and pulled her face up. The tape was placed over her lips, she used her thumbs to smooth it out all the way across her face, making the seal across her lips tight. "Mmmpph."

Cynthia turned and walked toward the door. "Mmmm, nnnno," she was trying to tell her not to leave her bound and alone. "Well, it was fun roping you up and gagging you, but I have to go." She walked out the door and closed it behind her. The girl gave a loud grunt and struggled against the ropes a bit. The chair was squeaking with her movement in her tight bonds, her heels clicking on the floor as her feet were writhing against the ties. She knew it would be about ten minutes before Annette came back. It would be embarrasing to be found in this tight predicament. She knows how bad it looks to be caught in a tied up situation when your captive has turned the tables on you.

Jasmine was sitting at the desk in her hotel room. She was writing a note, just in case Cynthia came back after she left. She was wearing her black silk bra with the clasp in front. She had on her black silk panties that were skimpy and tight. She had on black, very sheer pantyhose with the reinforced toe and heel. Upon her return to her hotel room she forgot to lock the door. She did not hear anyone coming up behind her.

Jasmine felt hands on her shoulders that were strong and suddenly pushing down on her shoulders to keep her in the chair. "Please do not move, I am just here to rob you, not hurt you." She pulled Jasmine's arms behind the chair with her palms together. "I will cooperate, you do not have to tie me up." Jasmine looked over her shoulder to see who it was. The chair was a small wooden chair with a skinny back less than the width of her slim waist and it only came up to her mid shoulder blades. "Unfortunately, you will be in a tight bind, my dear," she said as she was wrapping tape around her wrists several times. The tape was thin, black electrical tape. "Please do not tape me up and leave me here alone." She moved around the chair, grabbed Jasmine's feet and put them together, side by side, and began wrapping the tape just above her ankles several times. "I am going to make you comfortable honey." She then picked her up, arms under her bottom and under her arms. Jasmine grunted because it was a little painful. She placed her in a sitting position on the bathroom sink counter.

"I am going to be left here in my underwear and these bonds?" She pulled out another roll of tape and peeled a long piece off. "I cannot have you making so much noise." The tape was more than two inches wide but it was clear tape. "No, no gag, please mmmpph!" She smoothed the tape over her mouth from ear to ear, her face was covered with the gag, but did not look like it from a distance because the tape was so clear. "Mmmpph, nnnn." "You will not be bound and gagged like this for long." She walked out of the bathroom and pulled the door until there was less than an inch of a slit left, but did not close it.

Jasmine looked at herself in the huge mirror next to her as she sat on the counter in her predicament. She could still see her lips so clearly through the tape, but they were distorted because of the gag. She was all wrapped up like a gift package. "Mmmm." Well, at least her underwear was clean when her unexpected company came in on her and secured her with tape. The tape around her wrists and ankles was electrical tape, so it had a little stretch in it. She would have no problem escaping. She thought to herself that this was probably the easiest bondage situation to get out off she had ever been in. She began twisting her wrists and alternately pulling them apart using her palms as leverage against the tape binding. This was stretching the tape, making it much looser.

She could hear the girl in the next room looking around for items to steal, and she could hear herself moaning lightly while struggling to escape. The tape was very loose against her skin now, she reached down and started prying the tape against the water faucet handle. She could hear herself breathing through her nose because of the tape gag sealing her lips. The effort to pull the tape off her hands was paying off though, she would be free soon. She now listened very intently at her unwelcome visitor to be sure where she was at in the next room. She did not want to get surprised in the middle of her escape from her bondage. The tape made a little noise as it was tearing. The sound was not loud enough to be heard outside of the bathroom, so she was safe from discovery. The tape tore loose from her wrists with a subtle "mmmpph" from her gagged mouth. She rubbed her wrists a little in front of her while still listening very carefully. It had not taken long for her to get loose. She reached down to her feet and slowly, carefully, began unwinding the tape from her ankles. She did not want to make any noise to make her captor think she was no longer bound and gagged. The tape come off her stockings, she pulled her legs in a little closer, she arched her feet up so she could rub her ankles lightly. Now for the tape gag. She could still see her distorted lips in the mirror. She reached up to the corner of the tape and pulled slowly so no noise would be made. She noticed some of her lipstick was on the tape as it peeled slowly from her lips. Jasmine was totally free of her bonds now.

Jasmine slowly put her stocking feet on the floor and gently pulled open the cabinet under the sink. There were half inch white nylon ropes and two large white hankies. She took the items in her hand and proceeded quietly to the door. It was already open, but less than an inch space, so she could look out and not be seen. She saw her attacker standing at the closet with her back to Jasmine. She was dressed real nice for a burglar. The girl was short, about five foot five inches, had short, dark hair, looked japanese, and was well built. She had on a silver satin halter top that tied in the front. She had on a matching silver satin miniskirt that was very tight. These were accented with black sheer stockings and matching footwear. Silver three inch high heel sandals. They had a single thin strap across her toes with thin straps that came from the middle of the shoes, behind her ankles, with a small loop just above the ankles. The perpetrator had on no make up except for dark red lipstick. Jasmine pushed the door open silently and quickly crept up behind her with her stocking feet making no noise.

Jasmine reached her target and grabbed her arms from behind just below the girl's elbows, pulling them together behind her back. "Oh!," the girl had been surprised at being grabbed from behind. "Now it is my turn to tie you up babe," Jasmine pulled her toward the bed with her arms still behind her back with her elbows almost touching. "I did not hurt you when I taped you up," the girl said as she reached the foot of the bed. Jasmine positioned her in front of the bed with the girl facing the foot of the bed, but she left almost two feet of space between her feet and the bed. Jasmine forced her to kneel with her thighs against the bed. "I am not going to hurt you, I am going to make you real comfortable," Jasmine was making a reference to what the girl said when she was being put in an uncomfortable situation in the tape bindings. Jasmine forced her to bend over with her chest on the bed.

Jasmine put the ropes and hankies on the bed next to the girl and pulled her elbows together until they were touching. "You are hurting me," the girl struggled a little against the tight hold. "Hold still or it will be worse," Jasmine took one of the ropes from the pile. She wrapped the rope just below her elbows four times with two more turns between her arms and tied the knot behind her arms. Jasmine put the girl's palms together. The next rope was tied just above the wrists the same way. "That is too tight," the girl grunted as the wrist knot was cinched. "This will teach you not to leave people bound and gagged you little thief." She pushed the girl's legs and feet together so they were parallel. The next rope was looped around her legs just above her knees with the last two turns between her legs and the knot was cinched behind her legs. The next rope went just above her ankles the same way with the knot tied in front of her ankles.

Jasmine grabbed the girl by the rope around her elbows and pulled her up to force her into a straight poistion. She took another rope and wrapped it around her wrists and thighs three times, then took two more turns between her wrists going around the wrist rope already there, tying the knot above the wrist rope knot. "I did not make you this helpless," the girl said with a little apprehension at how tightly she was being bound. The last rope was first tied around the rope between her ankles and knotted. She pulled the other end of the rope until her feet were pulled off the ground very close to her hands. The end of the rope was tied around the rope between the wrists with the knot tied over the last two. "Ouch! That is way too tight!"

Jasmine held her in this kneeling position and whispered in her ear, "you are not going to get out of this until the law comes to untie you." Jasmine reached her arms around the girl with the two hankies on the bed in front of her. She layed one hankie out on the bed flat and rolled the second hankie into a ball. "What are you going to do with those?" The second hankie was then rolled up into the first, making a nice thick piece of cloth with a large bulge in the middle. "That better not be a gag, if you put that in my mouth I mmmmphh!" She had quickly pulled the gag between her teeth while she was talking. She pulled the ends behind her head just above the top of her neck and crossed the ends, making a half knot, pulling it slightly tight. She forced her head down hard until her chin touched her chest. She then pulled the ends real tight and finished the knot. "Mmmmpph!" "Nnnnn."

Jasmine grabbed the girl by the elbow ropes and the ankle ropes and pulled her sideways to the bed. This gave her room to lay her down on the floor on her side. "Mmmm," the girl began struggling. She watched her start writhing in her tight rope bondage. She knew the girl could not escape, she was quite helpless in those strict rope ties. "You are completely bound and gagged, it is useless to struggle my dear." "Nnnn." The girl tried twisting her wrists to get her hands free. Then she was balling up her hands into fists trying to loosen the rope binds. She then tried pushing her arms parallel against each other, this moved the elbow and hand ropes, but did nothing to get her out of her tied up situation. "Nnnoo Nnin," the girl was trying to say she was tied up too tight, but the words could not escape the thick cloth gag. Her legs were wriggling against the secure bonds also. Her beautiful thigh muscles were flexing, her legs were moving against each in a parallel manner. This was making a low swishing sound from her stockings rubbing together. This was also moving the ropes around her legs, both the upper thighs and just above the knees. She was trying to get her feet loose. The swishing sound was also coming from her ankles as they rubbed against each other, back and forth, while sometimes her feet were moving in the tight ties in a paddle motion in an attempt to be freed.

This was an extremely secure hogtie predicament. "Mmmph." The lipstick was coming off on the cloth between her teeth, especially at the corners of her mouth where the gag was pulled tight. The impossibly thick middle wedged her mouth open with her tongue pressed down very firmly. Her jaws kept moving as if chewing on the gag in her mouth, but there was not much motion because of the thickness of the cloth wedged in her lips and the tightness of the knot behind her head. Her struggling and moaning was doing her no good. She looked at Jasmine and whimpered with her lips trying to curl around the cloth that was gagging her, but her lips could barely touch the white cloth because of how wide her teeth were wedged open by the effective gag. All her attempts to make words resulted in muffled moans. "Mmmm, nnnn." "Well, I have to go now, but I will let the authorities know about you." "I will tell them to come quickly because you are all tied up, but not to listen to anything you have to say, to leave your mouth tied up like that, your tongue silenced."


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